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Posted by learntobead on May 12, 2011

Spring, 2011
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Poetry In Motion, Spring, Rejuvenation. 
The contrast of Spring green against winter brown. 
The unfolding of a bud, the gradual opening of a flower, 
the capturing of sunlight and moisture and nourishment. 
Securing the essense in quartz and crystal and glass. 
Creating pathways and fences and sign-posts with wire and metal and clay. 
Nothing beats Spring for inspiration and jewelry.

Articles, Events, Classes, Ideas…..

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Jade Carving Event

Posted by learntobead on May 4, 2011

World Jade Symposium

40 artists will be given the assignment to carve a wonderful object from a similar block of jade.

On this website, you can register to vote for the winner.  Voting begins 10/15 and concludes 10/30 of this year.

Also on this website, you can view profiles about each artist, and view some of their works.    I’ve included images of some of their pieces here.

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