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MY ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIALS: So You Want To Be A Jewelry Designer

Posted by learntobead on September 25, 2020



Learn to Think and Speak and Work
Like a Jewelry Designer!

Making and designing jewelry is fun, awesome, challenging and rewarding.  You enter a world full of inspiration, creativity, color, texture, construction, beauty and appeal.  With your jewelry, you impact the lives of many people as they go about their day, attend special events, or interact with friends, acquaintances and strangers.

As a jewelry designer, you have a purpose. Your purpose is to figure out, untangle and solve, with each new piece of jewelry you make, how both you, as well as the wearer, will understand your inspirations and the design elements and forms you chose to express them, and why this piece of jewelry is right for them.

Your success as a designer is the result of all these choices you make.   Our courses are here to help you learn and apply key insights about materials, techniques and the jewelry design process when making these kinds of choices.  We also introduce you to things you need to know when trying to conquer the creative marketplace.

Empower yourself to become fluent, flexible and original in jewelry design.

Enroll now.

Begin with our ORIENTATION TO BEADS & JEWELRY FINDINGS COURSE. For newbies just getting started, or experienced designers as a great refresher.


Everything People Wished They Had Known
Before They Started Beading and Making Jewelry!

We require all our students to take our ORIENTATION TO BEADS & JEWELRY FINDINGS class first, before taking any of our other classes.

I have created an updated, extended version of this class online, which you can register for.    The class is divided into 18 short video tutorials on such topics of seed and delica beads, metal beads, clasps, stringing materials, adhesives, miscellaneous findings, and the like.   There is a downloadable handout that accompanies each video segment.

19 lesson modules.   This class is $30.00.
You can find it online and register here.


16 Important Lessons I Learned Doing Craft Shows!

In this SO YOU WANT TO DO CRAFT SHOWS… video tutorial class, I discuss critical choices jewelry designers need to make when doing craft shows.  That means, understanding everything involved, and asking the right questions.

Learn How To…

…Find, Evaluate and Select Craft Shows Right For You

…Determine a Set Realistic Goals Right For You

…Compute a Simple Break-Even Analysis

…Best Ways to Develop Your Applications and Apply

…Understand How Much Inventory To Bring

…Best Promote and Operate Your Craft Show Business


Doing craft shows is a wonderful experience.  You can make a lot of money. You meet new people. You have new adventures.  And you learn a lot about business and arts and crafts designing.


19 lesson modules.  This class is $45.00.
You can find it online and register here.


Learn An Easy-To-Use Pricing Formula
and Some Marketing Tips
Especially Relevant for Jewelry Designers!


This PRICING AND SELLING YOUR JEWELRY course is about one key to success: SMART PRICING!


I share with you my knowledge, experiences and insights about…

(1) Why Jewelry Sells

(2) Three alternative pricing formulas used by jewelry makers and the jewelry industry

(3) A simple, mathematical formula for pricing your jewelry which I developed and prefer to use

(4) How to break down this mathematical pricing formula intoa series of easy to implement steps


Then, we practice applying the formula to some different pieces of jewelry.

At the end of the course, I discuss the differences among retail, wholesale and consignment.

I briefly discuss several key business strategies which are very related to pricing.

And I offer some final words of advice.

11 lesson modules.  This class is $35.00.
You can find it online and register here.


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Posted by learntobead on January 7, 2019

June 2-9, 2019
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Registration opens at NOON CST on January 8th, 2019 http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com/store
Join jewelry designer Warren Feld, who will be teaching these three classes:


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Posted by learntobead on March 22, 2009

Beading Aphorisms

Like the lines in a good country music song, some clever sayings about beads and beaders can bring a smile to your face.    You might see these on T-shirts or mugs or canvas bags and bumper stickers.   


Over the years, we’ve accumulated these “bead aphorisms” and “bead sayings” in the list below.   Call us crazy.    Call us prepared to stencil the next Leading Bead Saying on the next bag, tee-shirt, whatever.

So many beads, so little time.

Bead me up, Scotty.

The person with the most beads when she dies, wins

Let there be BEADS on EARTH, and let them begin with ME!
There’s nothing wrong with me that a few beads won’t cure.

Will work for beads

I bead…Therefor I am

I only stop for beads

This is my brain on beads

Bead Broad

Bead Slut

Bead Queen


Bead Babe

Bead Smart

Bead Goddess

Gold Digger

Craft Chick

Bead Whore

Eat. Sleep. Bead

Certified Bead Crazy

Above and Bead On

Beadiful Dreams

Beading is my Calamine

I didn’t buy my beads.. .I earned them the old fashioned way.

If Momma ain’t beading, Momma ain’t happy…If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

The need to bead

The Itch to Stitch

Bead Ware

Better w/ beads

Bead all you can bead

To bead or not to bead

Bead happy

Bead different

Don’t Worry, Bead Happy!

She’s One Bead Shy Of A Necklace
Beadin’ My Brains Out
You toucha my beads, I breaka yu face.
So many beads, so little time.

Bead Ho

Bead Soup

If you find a bead on a fence post, it didn’t get there by accident.

I never met a bead I didn’t like

Bead envy.

I’m Beadalicious!
Life is Beads!
I’m Bead-a-rific!
My Kingdom for a Bead

Tis better to have beaded and failed, than never to have beaded at all

Bead until it hurts

Beading is its own reward

Don’t bead everything you see

If all else fails, bead

It’s not easy being a bead goddess

Dare to bead great!

Got beads!

Time and beads wait for no one

God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made beaders

A beader cannot fail; it is a success to be one

Beading washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

Beading holds the universe together

Some of my best friends are beaders

I find I can write much better with beads

Arguments with beads are rarely productive

Beaders of a kind flock together

To thine own beads be true

You never lose by beading


Why can’t we all just bead along?

Just let me bead

Bead Nutz

50 Ways To Bead Your Lover



Can you think of any other clever turns of bead-phrases?  If so let us know…. 

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Hot Links – by Connie Welch

Posted by learntobead on March 7, 2009

This weeks must-see hot links:


…BEAD STUDY « Learn To Bead Great write up of Wed. Bead studies
Etsy :: SusiMakesStuff :: Susi Makes Stuff  Susi has a space on Etsy LOOKS GOOD
Regifting Robin  If you can figure this out – let me know

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