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Hanging Around – Jewelry From Recent Exhibit At MAD in NY

Posted by learntobead on September 13, 2012

Hanging Around – Jewelry From Recent Exhibit At MAD in NY

“The unique works on display in Hanging Around are from the Museum of Arts and Design’s jewelry collection. Dating from the 1960s to the present, these artistic creations encompass conceptual approaches ranging from the decorative to the provocatively political. Some of the necklaces on view feature precious metals and rare gemstones, but others derive their impact from materials as unconventional as pig intestines, gun triggers, mustard seeds, LED lighting, black coral, butterfly wings, phone directories, mirrors and lenses. The fabrication techniques employed by the artists are as different as traditional goldsmithing and cutting-edge digital prototyping.”

What do you think?

Liv Blåvarp, Untitled, 2002



Nancy Worden, The Seven Deadly Sins, 1994


Verena Sieber-Fuchs, Apart-heid, 1988


Marjorie Schick


Tory Hughes, Armillary,1992
polymer, steel, glass, brass, silver, mustard seeds















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LOOT 2011

Posted by learntobead on October 25, 2011

LOOT 2011
Museum of Art & Design, New York City

Sarah Abrahmson

LOOT 2011 is Mad’s annual fund raising jewelry exhibition, which occurred last week.    Here are some of the pieces of jewelry that were for sale.

Sara Basch


Bona Ha


Danielle Gori-Montanelli




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LOOT! 2010

Posted by learntobead on September 21, 2010

For The
Museum of Art and Design

In New York City 

Oct 20-26, 2010

Cutting edge jewelry designs, ranging in price between $300. and $30,000, with an average of $2700.

LOOT is MAD’s biennial juried exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary art jewelry, created by acclaimed American and international artists. This year’s event – the first LOOT in the new 2 Columbus Circle Galleries — will be held October 20th- 26th. It will open with a Gala evening preview on Wednesday, October 20th to benefit the Museum’s exhibition and education programs.

A full weekend of programs will accompany the exhibition and sale in the second floor design galleries including curatorial lectures, panel discussions with experts and designers, artists’ talks and workshop demonstrations in the MAD artists’ studios. Special family focused hands-on workshops will be held on the weekend.

For further information please contact Rebekka Grossman at 212.299.7712 or rebekka.grossman@madmuseum.org.

The exhibition and sale continue from Thursday, October 21 to Tuesday, October 26 during regular museum hours.  LOOT will also be open on Monday, October 25 from 11am – 6pm.

Whether you can attend this fund raiser, here are some of the types of pieces you might see.

Emerging Dutch artists


Beppe Kessler


Iris Nieuwenburg






Truike Verdegaal



Native American Artists

Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson



Richard Chavez



Verma Nequatewa


Charles Loloma

Other Emerging Contemporary Jewelry Artists

Pat Flynn

Jennifer Trask

Anastasia Azure

Jocelyn Kolb


Giorgio Vigna


Kiwon Wang



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New Latin American Jewelry

Posted by learntobead on August 10, 2010

Exhibit at Museum of Arts and Design, New York City
Oct 12-Jan 11, 2011

This exhibit will feature the latest trends and movements through works by 50 jewelry artists, representing some 23 Latin American countries.

There is a history of relationships between jewelry worn and the culture within which it is worn.    This is as true in Latin America, as elsewhere.     So it is important to question the artist and his or her pieces, as to what the wearing of their jewelry would signify about their understanding of contemporary Latin America.

You would look at their choices of materials.  Their use of pattern, form, image and theme.    Their choices of colors.    Their techniques.

Some artists use traditional techniques and/or materials with modern references.   Others use modern techniques to express the interconnectedness of traditional and contemporary life.     Some are abstract; some literal.

There is always tremendous pressure on artists and fine craftspersons from traditional and developing societies to work within and preserve traditional images, motifs and techniques.   It is difficult to break out of and from those expectations.    Yet the artist wants to be able to express their artistic selves, their psychological, sociological and cultural beings, as members of contemporary societies that don’t bear as direct a connection with the past as outsiders would have it.

The relationships between contemporary Latin American society and traditions is much more complex today.   Will outsiders, like we in North America, ease up on these expectations, allow a contemporary jewelry artist scene to succeed?   The situation is no different than how we impose expectations upon our own contemporary Native American artists.      We make it so difficult for them to break from the past, and make some kind of living from their art, as they experience their world today.

Here are some of the Latin American artists, and images of things that might be on exhibit.

Mirla Fernandes (Brazil)

Dionea Rocha Watt (Brazil)

Claudia Cucchi (Brazil)

Valentina Rosenthal (Chile)

Elisa Gulminelli (Argentina)

Francisca Kweitel (Argentina)

Silvina Romero (Argentina)

Jorge Manilla (Mexico)

Mariana Shuk (Columbia)


If we are to judge these pieces with the added burden of the label “LATIN AMERICAN JEWELRY”, then I’m not sure how successful most of these pieces are.     If we are to judge them as simply “Contemporary Jewelry”, then most of these are very successful.

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The Nadler Collection

Posted by learntobead on December 30, 2009

The Nadler Collection
of Tribal and Ethnic Silver Jewelry
From Around the World

If you find yourself in New York City, you might want to visit The Museum of Arts and Design. Daniel and Serga Nadler made a promised gift of their renowned jewelry collection to the Museum. This unparalleled collection encompasses approximately 800 modern and contemporary works in silver from around the world.

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