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Would You Wear This?

Posted by learntobead on September 3, 2009

Would You Wear This?

This necklace collar piece was designed by Louise Borgeois.




If you knew some of the history of this piece, would this make you more likely to wear this piece?

DESCRIPTION:  Silver necklace in the form a shackle originally designed in 1951 as a personal statement against the violence Louise Bourgeois had witnessed against prisoners during the Spanish Civil War. A limited edition of 39 pieces was produced in Spain in the 1990s.



Would you wear this?



One Response to “Would You Wear This?”

  1. Pat Kaye said

    Without knowing the political implications of this design, I still would choose to wear it on the basis of the clean, minimalist design. But, knowing that it also is a symbol of solidarity among all of us who oppose war atrocities, yes, I would wear it proudly.

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