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WOMEN and men

Posted by learntobead on March 6, 2010

WOMEN and men

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… Women get together and bead in classes.    They get together and bead around the dining room tables in their homes.    They attend workshops, and sit in a circle and bead.   They join bead societies, and sit in a circle and bead.    They arrange retreats so that they can sit in circles and bead.     Why do so many woman like to sit around in a circle and talk and bead?   

But anthropologists tell us this was always so.    Women sat in circles and talked and crafted.     The circles provided a measure of convenience.   They provided a sense of safety.   They allowed women to reconfirm their places within the group.    They allowed women to learn the basic rituals in life, and to transfer this knowledge to their children.   They offered women some sharing of responsibilities, especially for child raising.

It was because women so frequently came together to sit, circular, with one another, and because the tasks they did, while in these circles, were so involved and complex, that language was born.  ….

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