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Giovanni Corvaja

Posted by learntobead on April 15, 2010

Giovanni Corvaja

Inspired by looking at fibers and sponges through a microscope, Italian goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja pushes finely spun precious metal to its limits.
The jewelry is intricate.   Seems gossamer floss thin.    Otherworldly.    He uses a variety of techniques, including knitting, micro welding and granulation to form wisps of gold into sculptural jewelry.

I think part of the successes of these pieces is that he creates this chaotic micro-world, but locks in tightly within a very clear, concise, geometric form or series of lines.

I think this piece below is less satisfying because it lacks that juxtaposition of clear and chaotic forms.


One Response to “Giovanni Corvaja”

  1. Some wonderful insights there. Great job and maybe when I get time, I will come back and read some more of your blog.

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