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How Sparkle Enters People’s Lives

Posted by learntobead on August 31, 2010

How Sparkle Enters People’s Lives

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“… And as in other situations in life, the jewelry designer must be very sensitive to how sparkle enters people’s lives.   


Jewelry may help people feel attached to their surroundings,     Be more aware of themselves.   Their status.  Their situation.  Their power.  Their sexuality.   Jewelry may serve to open up a whole new world for someone.   Jewelry may signify how people may safely interact, and not interact.    It may start conversations.   As well as end them.   


The jewelry artist designs jewelry.   She or he selects materials to use.   An order or arrangement is decided upon.  A hypothesis is formulated about how best to assemble the pieces.   And the hypothesis is put to the test.    And hopefully the finished piece is more than the sum of its parts.    Because it has to add sparkle to people’s lives.” …


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