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Legacy of Atelier Janiye

Posted by learntobead on January 27, 2011

Fuller Craft Museum Presents The Legacy of Atelier Janiye and the Legacy of Master Jeweler Miye Matsukata

The Fuller Craft Museum in Boston presents The Legacy of Atelier Janiye and the Legacy of Master Jeweler Miyé Matsukata celebrating the work and legacy of Boston-based jewelry artist Miyé Matsukata (1922–1981).

This exhibition open January 22, 2011 – July 24, 2011, presents together for the first time a retrospective selection of Matsukata’s work, alongside the work of her colleagues Nancy Wills Michel, Alexandra Solowij Watkins, and Yoshiko Yamamoto.

Atelier Janiye is a jewelry design house, representing goldsmiths who excel in manipulating the metal into very naturalistic and organic forms.     Their pieces are associated with fine craftsmanship.    Each artist has a very strong sense of style.

Miye Matukata (1922-1991)

Born in Japan, lived in Boston.   In 1968, Miyé Matsukata said, “I would like to maintain a spirit of design that is quiet and free. I feel metal can have a life if it has motion and less rigid confines.” With the layering of fluid shapes, this bracelet assumes the lightness she hoped to achieve.

Nancy Willis Michel

Alexander Solowij Watkins

Yoshiko Yamamoto


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