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New Column Posted to “How To Bead A Rogue Elephant”

Posted by learntobead on September 2, 2011

New Column Posted
“How To Bead A Rogue Elephant”

Getting Started in Beading and Jewelry Making
Excerpts from this book on the following topics…
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– Catching the “Bead-Bug”
– What Can You Do With Beads
– Getting Started
– Finding Inspirations
– Shopping for Beads
– What To Look For In A  Bead
– How Not To Shop
– Be A Good Customer
– Buyer Beware
– Tips for Buying Beads At A Bead Show
– What Should I Create?
– Planning Your Necklace
– Anatomy of a Necklace
– Measurements You Need to Know
– Working from a Palette
– How Do You Learn?
– The Types of Things You Need to Learn
– On My Own, Through Books, or Through Classes?
– Reading Patterns and Instructions
– Self-Esteem — Making Choices
– Selling vs. Keeping
– Beading Aphorisms

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