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Posted by learntobead on December 10, 2011


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It remains a curious fact that necklaces were once believed to protect the wearer against getting hypnotized.

Yes, hypnotized.   This made sense in that the inherent beauty of the necklace was thought to distract the gaze of the ill-intended hypnotizer away from the lady’s eyes.

Thus, this piece of jewelry protected its wearer from the unwanted advances and influences of undesirable gentlemen, who spent their days and nights maliciously trying to hypnotize her.    And it followed that women, (and their protective parents), wanted the very best, most spectacular, and most distracting necklaces from the very best artisans.   They believed the more elaborate the necklace, and the more expensive its components, the more powerful it was in this regard.   With more powerful necklaces, the parents were less likely to lose their wealth through an ill-spent dowry.    And the more likely to retain the honor of the lady.

Such a purpose puts an awesome responsibility upon the shoulders of the jewelry designer….

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