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Suzanne Belperron — Influential Jeweler, 1930’s thru 1970’s

Posted by learntobead on February 10, 2013

Suzanne Belperron — Influential Jeweler, 1930’s thru 1970’s


Suzanne Belperron was a successful jeweler, widely influential.   She was one of the few female jewelry designers of her time.   Her daring creations remain today of extraordinary modernity and aesthetics.  She began her career in 1919 at age 19.  She died in 1983. Her life and career spanned the modern movement in the arts, feminism and the emergence of fashion as a big business.   Her style reflected the movement in the jewelry design field away from very ornamental pieces, to those which emphasize bold forms.


Her creations appeared in the most influential fashion magazines of the time, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.  Her clients included royalty, celebrities and aristocrats.


She never signed her pieces.     She claimed, “My style is my signature.”


She introduced unprecedented combinations of stones and minerals in her designs.




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Gisbert Stach – Making Art or Jewelry?

Posted by learntobead on February 10, 2013



I read this blog post about Gisbert Stach recently.    Intriguing.    Could some art, displayed like jewelry, not be considered jewelry?


The “art” is definitely here, expressed through symbolic paradoxes and juxtapositions.    The juxtaposition of jewelry and wearer evokes a response of the viewer, and makes the viewer think about what is acceptable/unacceptable, satisfying, unsatisfying, jewelry/not jewelry.    The use of materials evokes the contemporary, but at the same time, reminds one of ethnic ornamentation and the historical.


There is an unsettling sense of the need and desire for ornamentation, and the ability of the body to support it.




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