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Learn Bead Embroidery Basics – Hapua Reef Bracelet Workshop, 10/25/14

Posted by learntobead on September 16, 2014

Be Dazzled Beads and The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts in Nashvile, Tennessee

welcomes Warren Feld
October 25, 2014, 10am-5pm Sat

Hapua Reef Bracelet Workshop
Bead Embroidery
Advanced Beginner Level


Amazonite Palette
For more information, Click Here: HAPUA REEF BRACELET WORKSHOP

1 Day
Saturday, October 25, 2014, 10am-5pm (with a break for lunch)
FEES: $45.00 plus Kit Fee
Kit available for purchase from instructor.
Palette: Amazonite ($95.00)
Registration Deposit: $45.00 + Kit Fee
registration by October 13th, 2014

Capture the romance of the shallow waters along a tropical lagoon beach!
Learn several simple bead embroidery techniques for expressing the artistry of it all.

Amazonite Palette

In the Hapua Reef Bracelet project…

LearnToBead Goals:
– Basics of Bead Embroidery, including

— Preparing a brass cuff form, finishing the inner and outer surfaces with ultra-suede and Lacy’s Stiff Stuff foundation
— Drawing a template and setting up a design plan for your piece
— Attaching beads to the foundation, using various methods, including

~ back stitch
~ couching
~ bezeling a stone
~ placing beads linearly and curvalinearly
~ crowding
~ cross-hatch
~ fringe-style embellishment

— Adding an edging around your piece

Bead Embroidery has been used to embellish and decorate clothing since the dawn of civilization. In both Russia and China, remains have been found of bead embroidery dating back thousands of years. In more recent history, bead embroidery has been used to decorate religious items, formal attire, and household objects.

Bead Embroidery is such a versatile stitch that all beads are game! If you were working on a large wall-hanging, larger beads would be appropriate.

Conversely, if you were working on a necklace or bracelet, you would want to use beads that are proportionate to your project. Within those guidelines, any type of bead (bugle, seed, delica, drop, etc.) would enhance the dimensionality and texture of your piece.

We create a canvas, decide how to give form to this canvas, plan a design, and embroider that design onto our formed-canvas. The challenge is always to achieve a contemporary, artistic look to your piece — one that has a sense of movement, dimensionality, a use of materials that makes the ordinary ‘noteworthy’, and good technique.

In this piece, I wanted to re-create the colors, patterns and lines of the beautiful forms, waves and materials along the shoreline of a tropical lagoon and the underlying reef in the Caribbean. I especially liked looking through the shallow water where it met the beach at a particularly secluded part of the lagoon.

I also wanted to create an embroidery plan that allows the student to learn several different embroidery-patterning techniques within the composition as a whole.


Hapua Reef Laguna

What Techniques Students Need To Know Before The Workshop

The skill level required: Advanced Beginner. The student must be comfortable with using needle and thread.

CENTER for BEADWORK & JEWELRY ARTS 718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123 Nashville, Tennessee 37204 PHONE:  615-292-0610 FAX:   615-292-0610 www.landofodds.com /beadschool/ beadschool@landofodds.com

Location, Lodging, Access by Car, Plane

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