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The Designers Gazette, Winter 2011

Posted by learntobead on February 9, 2011

Winter, 2011, Designers Gazette


CLICK HERE http://www.warrenfeldjewelry.com/pdf/wg021511/winter2011pdf.pdf


Ice, Snow, Pause. A yearning for regeneration. A time to reflect the sun’s rays back upon the elemental components, the icicly-dangling drops, the whites and grays and blacks, the gaps of color, texture and pattern between each bead and within each negative-space. The cold touch of gemstone, glass and crystal. A time to jump cliffs and rebound with newfound energy. Feel your jewelry as it comes alive. And let yourself transform these winter days into creative splendor.


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GROUPON Coupon for Be Dazzled Beads, 5/6

Posted by learntobead on May 5, 2010

Groupon Coupon online for Be Dazzled, May 6-9

For Be Dazzled Beads
$20.00 for $40.00 of merchandise

Look for their SIDE DEAL in their email offers
Between May 6th and 9th,

or go directly to their website to get the coupon.

If you’re not registered for GROUPON, check them out:
They have incredible deals, almost daily, for Nashville. Mostly restaurants.

This time we are their Side Deal.     This means that the link to the coupon is a little bit down on the page on the email they send you.    The main heading on the email they send will reference another business.

Groupon is a fun advertisting program.    For a deal to become active, a minimum number of people have to register for it, in our case, 25.     So tell your Nashville Area friends, on FaceBook, My Space, and whereever you’re linked.   The coupons are good for 6 months.     You’ll get $40.00 of merchandise for $20.00.

Other store discounts do not apply with this offer.

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