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Ugly Beads

Posted by learntobead on February 22, 2010

Ugly Beads

The deadline for our The Ugly Necklace Contest is fast approaching — 3/15/10.

I thought I’d do a Google search on “ugly beads” and see what I came up with.   While a necklace made from all ugly beads might necessarily be “ugly”, I thought it would be fun nonetheless to see what I ugly beads I could find.

Lo and behold! – an ugly bead contest! called Share Your Shame.    A fun read about the origins of the contest, and the winner and other submissions.

Sig Wynne-Evans writes a blog and bemoans her collection of ugly beads, to which she’s given them a new home — a bead jar.

One friend-seeker named herself Ugly Beads Need Love.    She posted her profile on freeganmagazine.com

And we have a fashion report that shows that “ugly” may be contextual.    These beads are ugly relative to the dress.

And as one bead artist writes on her website:

“Even an ugly bead can unlock another door….”

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