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DIMENSIONALITY: One Principle of Composition

Posted by learntobead on February 25, 2014

DIMENSIONALITY: One Principle of Composition


Jewelry Design is the application of basic principles of artistic expression. One set of principles involves COMPOSITION.    In an article online – Good Jewelry Design (http://www.landofodds.com/store/goodjewelrydesign.htm ) – I describe 10 Principles of Composition.     Principles of Composition define what types of goals the good jewelry designer should achieve.   Discussion on these principles and their application focus on what elements in our pieces we , as jewelry designers, manipulate in order to achieve a principled, satisfactory outcome.

In this post, I focus on one in particular:   Dimensionality.

What kinds of things have you manipulated within your piece(s) that helps you achieve a satisfying sense of dimensionality?

Conversely, where do you see failures in attempts to achieve “dimensionality”, and what kinds of wrong-way choices do you think the jewelry designer made, that might have led to this failure?    What better choices could the designer have made?

Share images, if you have them.



Good Dimensionality  refers to the degree to which, whether the piece is flat or 3-dimensional, the placement of objects (and their attributes) is satisfying, and does not compete or conflict with the dimensionality of the piece as a whole.

Sometimes dimensionality is achieved through the positioning of masses of objects or planes of interconnected pieces, such as varying sizes/heights/lengths or layering or cut-aways, or varying positive and negative spaces.

Othertimes, dimensionality is achieved through color/texture optical effects, such as the use of glossy and matte beads in the same piece, or mixing darker/more intense colors with light/less intense colors.


How often have you seen something like a flat loomed bracelet and a button clasp, that sits so high on the bracelet, that it detracts from the 2-dimensional reason-for-being of the piece. Would a clasp, and a flatter clasp, at the end of the piece have worked better?

Glossy surfaces move toward the viewer, and matte ones recede.   Can you point to successful examples of this?

Achieving Good Dimensionality is considered, not only a desirable design goal, but a critical and important characteristic of contemporary jewelry.

This doesn’t mean we want to pile up bead up bead and layer upon layer.   It means we want to show how creative we can be to achieve something more satisfying than flat and more satisfying than one-dimensional.

We want to demonstrate more artistic control over line and plane.


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LOOT! 2010

Posted by learntobead on September 21, 2010

For The
Museum of Art and Design

In New York City 

Oct 20-26, 2010

Cutting edge jewelry designs, ranging in price between $300. and $30,000, with an average of $2700.

LOOT is MAD’s biennial juried exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary art jewelry, created by acclaimed American and international artists. This year’s event – the first LOOT in the new 2 Columbus Circle Galleries — will be held October 20th- 26th. It will open with a Gala evening preview on Wednesday, October 20th to benefit the Museum’s exhibition and education programs.

A full weekend of programs will accompany the exhibition and sale in the second floor design galleries including curatorial lectures, panel discussions with experts and designers, artists’ talks and workshop demonstrations in the MAD artists’ studios. Special family focused hands-on workshops will be held on the weekend.

For further information please contact Rebekka Grossman at 212.299.7712 or rebekka.grossman@madmuseum.org.

The exhibition and sale continue from Thursday, October 21 to Tuesday, October 26 during regular museum hours.  LOOT will also be open on Monday, October 25 from 11am – 6pm.

Whether you can attend this fund raiser, here are some of the types of pieces you might see.

Emerging Dutch artists


Beppe Kessler


Iris Nieuwenburg






Truike Verdegaal



Native American Artists

Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson



Richard Chavez



Verma Nequatewa


Charles Loloma

Other Emerging Contemporary Jewelry Artists

Pat Flynn

Jennifer Trask

Anastasia Azure

Jocelyn Kolb


Giorgio Vigna


Kiwon Wang



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