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Combining The Wearable With The Theatrical

Posted by learntobead on September 22, 2010

Michael Zobel
Combining the wearable with the theatrical


Can you the artist ever be appropriately flamboyant, sensitively flaming, “out-there” yet still “in-here”?

Michael Zobel is an artist known for his dramatic works.    How successful do you think he has been, walking that line between wearable and costume?

What does it mean to walk that line?

Something showy?

Something evocative?

Something which shows the materials (metals and stones) off in unusual ways?

Something that has your friends running towards you, rather than away from you?

I find it interesting that the many pieces he has on display seem much more dramatic than the pieces he has on his website for sale.      What does this observation mean, when thinking how dramatic to get with your own pieces?

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When Jewelry Needs To Be Over-The-Top…

Posted by learntobead on October 18, 2009


I was watching Project Runway the other day, and their challenge was to create on over-the-top look, something like a Bob Mackie piece, and of course, he was one of the judges.

The contestants had difficulty reaching beyond their usual boundaries. And I started thinking about jewelry. Sometimes you want to create pieces that are very theatrical, dramatic, glamourous, statement pieces. You want something that would attract someone’s attention across the room, as well as standing beside the wearer. In short, over-the-top.

One jewelry artist who succeeds well at this challenge is Mina d’Ornano, owner of MinaPoe in Paris, France. A Parisienne with Slavic origins, Mina d’Ornano was an actress, screenwriter and director before she decided to channel her creativity into fashion: “My fashion desires came from a feeling of frustration. Never finding what I wanted to wear finally inspired me”.

Inspiration and motivation are key themes behind her minaPoe creations – she is constantly on the look-out for the finest materials and has a preference for soft, luxurious and colorful fabrics, which she combines with precision and harmony. Her pieces have that sense of drama. They seem timeless. They catch the eye as would a chest of treasure. They surprise. They are playful. People see her pieces and want to talk about them.








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