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JEWELRY MAKING TIPS: When Your Cord Doesn’t Come With A Needle … What You Can Do!

Posted by learntobead on April 19, 2020

Big Eye Needle

 What Should I Do?

The Griffin bead cord, both nylon and silk, comes with a needle attached to the end of the cord. This makes it easier to string. It also makes it easier, when knotting, to use a thicker cord and get a larger knot.

However, many bead cord products, yarns, and other thicker cords come on spools and do not have needles attached. What do you do in this case?

First, there are needles that work in this situation. There are two kinds of needles to use with bead cord, and you would probably want to have both on hand.

The first is called a Big Eye Needle. You wedge the end of the cord at one end of the needle, and that becomes your trailing end.

Twist Wire Needle (ska Collapsible Eye Needle)

The other is called a Twist Wire Needle (also known as a Collapsible Eye Needle). A medium size in this needle would probably work fine. Both needles have short life-spans, so you would need to have a bunch on hand at any one time.

Another thing people do with the nylon bead cord is either use superglue on one end, or take a bic lighter to one end to melt it. This makes the end stiff. Then you take a razor blade and cut the very end at an angle, so you have a “needle” at the end of the cord.

One final thing that people do. They take 26 gauge or 28 gauge wire, cut a 6–8″ piece, bend it in half, making a V-end. They wedge their stringing material into the V-end, and use this like a needle.

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