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HIS and HER Jewelry

Posted by learntobead on June 30, 2011

HIS and HER Jewelry


Today, I decided to travel again on the Google Highway, and explore what came up when I typed in “His and Her Jewelry”.

I’m not a “match-y” kind of of person.     If I were coupled, I don’t think I’d wear matching jewelry with my partner.

I’m not androgynous.   I don’t like to were very feminine jewelry myself, although I make a lot of jewelry for women that have “male” elements and sensibilities.

I’ve never designed jewelry for a couple or two partnered people.    But I’ve had a lot of customers in the shop who came in looking for jewelry they could both wear, and somehow coordinated or matched.

What are my design options?   What should I consider when designing his and her jewelry?

Here are some of the things I found:


Two piece pendants.

Design elements:
Two separate pieces designed as if they originally were one piece, and then cut in half.   Each piece is to be worn by 1 partner.    Here we have an image cut in half.

Four separate pieces designed with different images, 2 more male or dominant, and 2 more female or recessive.   Each pair is to be worn by 1 partner.

Two separate pieces designed as if they fit together like a puzzle.   Each piece is to be worn by 1 partner.

One pendant to be worn by each partner.   The fish supposedly symbolizes friendship.



Two coordinated pendants.
Design Elements:

Paired designs, one smaller than the other.


Paired designs, one cut out from the other, and smaller.


These ideas are cute, and I’m sure very saleable.    But this male dominance/female subordination thing subtly, or not so subtly, going on, makes me a little uncomfortable.    I don’t want my partner to be less than I am.    But I also want her to be cute.    Dilemma.     Aesthetics vs. social conscience.   And again, I’m not into the matchy-matchy thing.



DH Gate.com


Design elements:
Matchy pieces with engraving on each one.




For some reason, I like these rings.   Must be the sexual innuendo.


















Design element:
Here we have similar pendants, with the design (the spiral) going in opposite directions — clockwise and counterclockwise.














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