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Semi-Finalists Announced — Ugly Necklaces

Posted by learntobead on April 27, 2010

8th International The Ugly Necklace Contest, 2010
A Jewelry Design Contest with a Twist!

Semi-Finalists Announced

OnLine Voting will begin June 1, 2010
on the
Land of Odds website

It’s that time of year again.    Time to put aside all your desires for beauty, art and taste, and put on your jewelry design skills cap.      Because here they are.  The 2010 Semi-Finalists of The Ugly Necklace Contest.    Each will be waiting for you to judge and evaluate them online.   So one can go home with the prize of $992.93 shopping spree on the Land of Odds website.

It’s Not Easy To Do Ugly!

Your mind and eye won’t let you go there. As research into color and design has shown, your eye and brain compensate for imbalances in color or in the positioning of pieces and objects – they try to correct and harmonize them. You are pre-wired to subconsciously avoid anything that is disorienting, disturbing or distracting.

Because of this, any jewelry designer who attempts to achieve “Ugly,” has to have enough control and discipline to override, perhaps overcome, intuitive, internally integrated principles of good design. Thus, the best jewelry designers will be those artists who can design the Ugliest Necklaces.

Our Special Rules for 2010 required that the color ‘purple’ be predominant in each necklace submission.

OnLine Voting will begin 6/1/10.

Here’s the line-up, with apologies to anyone who might be offended.    Let see how well these jewelry designers did to create something that is Ugly:

(1) Kimberly Allison
Escondido, California
“The Ugliest Necklace.  Period.”

(2) Alesia DiFederico
Southbury, Connecticut
“Super Duper Purple Pooper Scooper”

(3) Sandy Borglum
Chicago, Illinois
“The Purple Eyesore of Texas”

(4) Sharon Wagner
Sterling Heights, Michigan
“Round and Round”

(5) Deborah Eve Rubin
Rockville, Maryland
“The Colors of Purple”

(6) Bonnie J. Scherer
Palmer, Alaska
“Drinking Girl’s Necklace: The Grapes of Wrath”

(7) Lynn Margaret Davy
Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom

(8) Jane W. West
Pelham, Alabama
“What Can I Make Today?”

How well do you think you can do?    You might consider starting now on your submission to our next contest.   Deadline is 3/15/2012.

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