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Your Personal Style

Posted by learntobead on September 21, 2010

Your Personal Style

It’s always important to develop a personal style within your jewelry creations.   Something that helps people recognize that the jewelry was made by you, and not someone else.   A signature, or signifying element.

This can be a certain choice of colors.   It can be the addition of a special bead to each piece, or special dangle, or special tag.    It can be the use of a custom made clasp.    Or a certain style of construction.  Or the use of certain images, forms or motifs.

Carolyn Morris Bach is a jewelry artist from southern New England.     She has a very strong signature motif she uses:   tiny creatures with solemn or half-smiling, ovoid or moon-shaped faces carved from ivory or gemstones and the like.   Her pieces are mythical and allegorical, yet very contemporary.

She makes it very easy to associate her pieces with her.     This, in marketing terms, is a kind of branding.    When people see these motifs and styles, they automatically begin to associate the jewelry with Carolyn Morris Bach — even if someone else had created the piece.

Here are some of her pieces:

The piece above would be beautiful without the owl.    Or the “owl” element did not have to be a bird motif per se, but could have been anything.     By making that element an owl, and styling the owl as she did, her jewelry comes with her signature.   That’s important for all jewelry designers to do.

You can visit her website:

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