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Posted by learntobead on February 25, 2010


There is a major international exhibition of pearls at the Qatar Museum.   The exhibition covers the range of types of pearls, the history of pearls and the pearl industry, designer jewelry made from pearls.   Unfortunatetly, it’s been difficult to find any images of pieces on display.

The Qatar Pearl Monument

I have been able to find some images of the types of things on display.

Melo Collection of Myanmar Pearls
Black Pearls from Mexico
Mikimoto Pearls
Yagumura Pearl Jewelry
Work by Professor Henry Hanni
Conch Pearls
Harvesting Oysters for Pearls

Melo Pearl

Melo pearl in ring

Snail with Melo Pearl

Nautalus Pearls

Deco Pearl Necklace

Cross section of  a pearl

South seas pearls

Mikimoto Necklace

Yagumura bracelet

Pearl in the oyster shell

Conch Pearls

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