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“Escape” Jewelry

Posted by learntobead on June 5, 2009

JEWELRY Is Partly About Emotions

Jewelry is partly about emotions and feelings.   For some reason, at the moment, I was thinking about “escapes.”   My vacation is coming up and I’m going to Maui.   Maybe that got me thinking in this direction.

Escape.   So what happens when you put the phrase “escape jewelry” into a google search?     How has the designer defined “escape” as a concept, and how is this definition reflected in her pieces?     Has this definition been successfully reflected in the pieces?

Here’s what we get:

Sweet Escape Boutique by Kerri Hall

Definition of Escape:
We create unique pieces that you will not find in department stores.  You will not see any of your friends wearing the same piece, or saying, “I have that same piece at home.”



iDazz Jewelry

Escape Definition:  We have one purpose: to open your world to a new set of fun, high quality, affordable handmade jewelry… and to make the shopping experience personal, simple and convenient.


La Ti Da Boutique

Escape definition:  Styles offered at the boutique are trendy, contemporary, and appeal to a woman with a certain attitude, not an age group.

From their Escape From Paris collection

From their Escape From Paris collection

Creative Dexterity

Escape definition:  The escape key on your keyboard


A jewelry store in Georgetown, TX

Escape definition:  We strive for the finest quality products, at fair prices, with uncompromised service.

Alchemy Bracelet by Holly Yashi

Alchemy Bracelet by Holly Yashi

Cross by John Cross

Cross by John Cross

Burglars smash into jewelry store, escape in Porsche

3 masked men seen running from back of jewelry store and into gray SUV early this morning.

The Orange County Register
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MISSION VIEJO – Burglars smashed into jewelry store at The Shops at Mission Viejo early this morning, making off with an unknown amount of loot before the mall opened, authorities said.


Escape definition:  bank robbery and fleeing the scene



The Art Escape Plan

A blog about Life through the eyes of a jeweler.

Escape definition:   living jewelry through reading about it through 30 pounds of reading material.



Not much more when you continue to search on Escape Jewelry.   Jewelry might be the perfect escape vehicle, but not necessarily as a theme from marketing or design perspectives.

But now, when you plug in the phrase “Escape Jewelry” into Google, you’ll find this page, which, in its own pleasurable, wry and weird way, has become a sort of jewelry escape.

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