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Shoe Jewelry

Posted by learntobead on August 10, 2010


The staff had been joking about shoes yesterday, and this led me to my recent online exploration of shoe jewelry.    I found a lot.

There were shoe clips and shoe lace clips.   There were anklets that were connected to the shoe itself.    There were charms in images of shoes.   And rhinestone decorated shows.    And bead decorated crocs.

Lots of things.    Here are some of what I found:

Eleven Best Shoe Jewelry Sites
(More information here: http://www.bessed.com/jewelryforshoes/)
11 of the best sites for finding jewelry made to be worn on shoes and sneakers, sometimes also known as shoe ornaments, shoe charms, shoe tags, or shoe grillz.

1.  Kickbars

Shoelace clips studded with diamonds, emeralds and other jewels, made to go with your favorite sneakers.

2.  Shoeworthy

Handcrafted Shoe Clips in every imaginable design and material.

3.  Jibbitz


“Charms” to decorate your Crocs, by pushing then into the holes of  your shoes.

4.  Absolutely Audrey


More shoe clips.

5.  Make Your Own Shoe Charms

Here’s your chance to decorate your Crocs with anything you can hot glue!!  These little doodads are similar to Jibbitz or any of the other crocs charms out there.  You can glue buttons, beads, or even fabric appliques to them.  Here’s a great idea:  Hit the scrapbooking store and see what you can find to glue on.

6.  Shoe Jewelry at Advantage Bridal

Shoe clips for wedding shoes.     Want a big fluffy flower, or an intrictate rhinestone pin, to clip to your bridal shoes?   Here’s the place.

7.  Shoe Spinners


Like a mini hub-cap charm to wear on the sides of your sneakers.

8.  Litter SF

Anklets as part of your shoeware.

9.  J.R. Dunn Jewelers

Shoe Charms

10.  M&J Trim

Rhinestone decorated Flip Flops.

11.  SHINE
You can always add fringe to your shoes.

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