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SNAKES – Claire Kahn

Posted by learntobead on October 25, 2011


“Snakes” are popular jewelry themes and forms.

Claire Kahn

The undulating body form.
The sharp, threatening teeth.
The relationship to the Adam and Eve story.
The use of the snake in various cultural myths and mythologies.
The patterning of the skin.

Claire Kahn

The snake evokes something primal within us.    It has an aesthetic that we all recognize and share, perhaps sensuous, perhaps threatening, yet always steeped in beauty.


Claire Kahn

Many of our students and customers love making snakes.     Snake necklaces.  Snake bracelets.  Snake cuffs.  Snake rings.

Claire Kahn


Claire Kahn‘s work recently caught my eye.





Claire Kahn

Her website displays many beautiful, detailed images of her pieces.


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