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Doris Betz – All About The Line

Posted by learntobead on September 13, 2012

Doris Betz – All About The Line


DORIS:  “My work is above all about the line: how it spreads and the possibilities of its arrangement. The line or the wire describes, through its movement, a space. There are overlaps, knots and different layers. At the same time arise apparently accidental, bizarre, three dimensional images. Plastic stands equally judged beside gold and silver. The pieces live through their lightness and transparency. Glamour and oppositions seek a beauty of their own.”

The “line” can be a frightening thing for a designer.   Once the designer commits to a certain line and its linear or curvalinear passageway, the line has to be managed towards some wearable aesthetic.    Not easy to do.

The line creates a boundary.   It separates one direction from another.   It forces, or at least implores, value judgements.  That is, which side of the line is better, more satisfying, more pleasing, more correct.

The line can also frame.   This sets up an inclusive vs exclusive quality, and recessive vs. forwarding seeking motion, a dimensionality, an encouragement vs. a restriction for movement and direction.

Doris Betz is not afraid of the line.


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Daniel Porter Stevens – Metal Smith

Posted by learntobead on October 25, 2011

Daniel Porter Stevens – Metal Smith

I had recently read an article showcasing the work of Daniel Porter Stevens.    The reviewers were talking about his sense of “line”.

“Line” is an important jewelry design element — one of the most important things the designer needs to control.

Line establishes a “silhouette” — it delineates a part of the body above it and below it.

The curvature or straightness of the line evokes a wide range of feelings and emotions on the part of the viewer.

Sometimes the line is like an arrow pointing the viewer’s attention to one place over another.

Lines can be blurry or sharp.

Lines can be rigid, or the designer can somehow “break” the line.

Lines are important.


Visit Daniel’s website and look at his slide-shows of his jewelry.


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