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To Be, Or Not To Be?

Posted by learntobead on July 22, 2011

New article posted in our How To Bead  A Rogue Elephant column.


To be a Jewelry Artist, or not to be?

What should I do? Will I succeed? How will I succeed? I’m afraid to change careers. I’m afraid no one will like my stuff. I’m too shy to get stores to sell my stuff. I haven’t learned everything I need to learn. I don’t make necklaces as well as so-and-so. I don’t have enough money to start a business. I don’t know how to start a business. I need to take more classes. There are four more books I want to read and work through before I get started. I don’t have the supplies people want.

Ponderings, ponderings, ponderings. Thought paralzyes action. Your Rogue Elephant keeps charging at you, and you’re too scared to even get out of the way. You’re toe juice. You should have run away. But things happen too fast. Things are too much. Too difficult. Too unknown. Will that Rogue Elephant veer off to the right, or maybe, a bit to the left, or will that Elephant step right over you.


Do you see yourself in these posed dilemmas? Or are you too hesistant for even this shallow reflection? Do you find yourself in such an existential crisis that you are too blind or too tired or too scared or too angry to sense your Rogue Elephant on your horizon? Or find your Elephant on your beaten path? Or comtemplate him? Or even bead him?

Maybe there’s too much Hamlet in you. The Hamlet Trap. Shakespeare’s Hamlet, for most of the play, cannot make up his mind. Should he / Shouldn’t he? Will he / Won’t he? Could he / Can’t he? ….

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