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How To Bead In A Car

Posted by learntobead on April 27, 2020

How To Bead In A Car

If we’re to cope with our beading addiction, we may have to figure out, at least part of the way, how to bead in a car. We’re not talking water beading on the car when it gets wet. We are talking about taking beads and stringing material and clasps and all those other little pieces, and making jewelry, while traveling in a car. As the passenger. Not the driver. Or, I think not the driver. Addictions can be very powerful.

So, this all begs the question: How DO you bead in a car?

Most people say, “Don’t!”

Or, “Only if the light is Red!”

But others say it is possible under certain circumstances.

Bonnie’s Advice:

Put two pillows on your lap, and wedge them between you and the dash board, to create a type of table and shock absorber.

Use a “lap desk” that has ridges around it. Lay fleece on it.

If also using dishes or containers, put fleece in each one, as well. The fleece “holds the beads”. Regular material does not work.

The pillows absorb a lot of the bumps.

Don’t put too many beads out at a time.

For bead stringing, use long bracelet gift boxes, or something with a deep groove in it.

You can also take a piece of fleece and put it OVER your beadwork as you’re working. Or you can put your beadwork into a ziplock sandwich bag, and work on it at the opening of the bag.

Vera’s Advice:

Put beads in a fleece-lined Frisbee.

Have a towel folded up on you on the other side of the console to cushion the frisbee, so it doesn’t move.

Kathleen’s Advice:
 As the passenger, for bead crochet: Real easy. Use a tray lined with fleece. Pray to God you don’t hit bumps and stuff.


It is not easy beading in a car as a passenger but it can be done if you are persistent and determined. I use a shoebox lid with soft suede underneath my beadwork but it is difficult to thread while riding down the road.

 Definitely NOPT while you are driving! LOL

I’ve tried beading in a car. First off, take a lot, a lot, a lot of extra beads, unless you want to spend most of your trip trying to pick them up off the floor, under the seats, in the water cup holders, in fact, they fly everywhere. Don’t bother. Just bring a lot of beads.

Learn how to shift your hands in sequence and harmony with bumps. You let them move up and back down at the same time, and with the same rhythm as your car goes up, and then back down. If one arm moves at a different rate, or to one side or the other, instead of straight up and down, it can be all over. You have to start again. And if both arms move too fast or too slow, OOPS, you have to start again.

A few times, I tried to incorporate a lot of double-sided tape and some velcro to keep things in place. Especially on those side roads. They are a killer. Doesn’t work as good as shifting your body up and down in sync with the car over it goes over humps and bumps and pot holes and changes from asphalt to concrete.

Be sure to be stern with the driver. You cannot have them hollering at you to stop. Or laughing at you. Or giving you directions. They need to be quiet.

Don’t work on major, massive projects. Keep things simple. Do things in very, very small steps. And for God’s sake, don’t worry about perfection.

You might first practice with make-up. See if you can put on lipstick and mascara and face powder while traveling in a car. If you master that, making jewelry won’t seem so hard.

But, if you’re OCD, and can’t stand things being out of place, don’t even think about bringing your beads and beading supplies into your car!

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