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DOGS LIFE by Lily, a store dog

Posted by learntobead on April 30, 2020

I’m a store dog, from a long line of store dogs.
My name is Lily. I’m part Chihuahua and part Shiatsu.
Other store dogs have it much easier than I do, because I work in a Bead Shop.
Wherever I try to lay down, there are beads.
In the classroom, people are talking, talking, talking and waiving those needles all around.
In the front, everyone wants to pet me and make nice — not my thing.
And, try as I may, and feign as I might, I don’t think I’ll ever master this — beading and jewelry making.


Warren took me aside, and held me tight. He told me Connie had died yesterday.

I am so sad. I lost my best friend.
I know Connie is together with Rosie by her side.
– Lily

Thunder and lightning all day.
Sorry Warren, No McCabe workshop for you.
I come first.
– Lily

Again, Daisy. Jayden dropped Daisy off at the store.
And what is the first thing she does when she walks into the store? She runs to everyone, one at a time, and kisses each of them.
Paws off!
– Lily

It was Daisy all week. Daisy on Monday. Daisy on Tuesday. Daisy on Wednesday. Daisy on Thursday and Friday and Saturday.
All she does is sleep in her green cushioned chair in the front of the store.
She slept right through Attaching Clasps and Bead Study and Wire Clinic and Pearl Knotting.
And I saw Vera sneak Daisy and extra treat.
– Lily

Have you ever gotten a bead stuck in the matted hair on your snout just below your eyes?
Quite a perspective.
– Lily

Daisy, dastardly daisy doodle, got in trouble yesterday. She jumped up on the bead table, and was taken to the dark bathroom for time out.

A Vanderbilt professor did a study that showed that dogs didn’t really smile.
Then, what’s this!

They waxed the floors last night.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! #^Vdkla@)(!%

Oooh, they missed a bead.
– Lily

These substitute UPS drivers don’t get it.

Nip or Treat!

No treat, you get nipped.
– Lily

“Do you think we should give Lily a T.R.E.A.T.?”
That means, Bark twice, Whine moderately, and Paw up.
– Lily

Thunder and lightning, Oh My!

The only safe place to hide is under Warren’s chair.

Too bad it’s on wheels.
– Lily

Connie was worth waiting for!

I love Connie!
– Lily

Tomorrow is Bead Study. Can’t wait. Connie takes good care of me. That’s why I like to jump up on the seat next to her, and curl up and look cute.

She’s very good about not dropping beads on top of me.
– Lily

Becky came to the store again today. I thought she was shy. Now she’s all store dog — barking, greeting, kissing.

A lady came in, bent over, and Becky kissed her! No, no, no, that’s not how it’s supposed to be done. I’m the only kissy-face around here!
– Lily

I laid on my back, my soft tummy up waiting for someone to rub it. 20 minutes. 30 minutes. Nothing.

I know what to do in this situation.

“Lily, WHEWWWW!!!!”
– Lily

4/1 — even later
I was playing with my baby toy, as I do after work each day. Somehow, I fell over off the chair, and rolled a bit. A bit too far, and right into Jayden’s TV tray, where she was working. It’s too high up to see.

The tray fell over, and now I see what she was working on — very pretty.

And Jayden smiled a big smile. Or was it a frown? I can’t tell this far away on the ground. I know she loves me.
– Lily

4/1 — later
Daisy came to work today. I don’t know why she bothers. You could slap her up and down the side of the snout with beads, and she wouldn’t care.

I’ve dug a secret hole for Daisy in the back yard, near the rear fence and the bamboo. She’s stronger than I am, so I’m a bit afraid to push her in.

But consider her warned…..
– Lily

Richard stuck a red price tag on the hair on the back of my neck. He said it showed everyone how precious I am. Then why were they laughing?
– Lily

Jayden likes to play dress-up with dogs and anyone else around her. I’ve been through it all — bows, hair clips, ribbons, Austrian crystal necklaces, Austrian crystal leashes, sweaters, embellished sweaters and embellished sweaters with further embellishment. Thank God I don’t have any lips, or she’d be putting lipstick on me.

Recently, she’s been struggling about how to dress-up Daisy. Her hair is too short for hair clips and bows. And her breast is broad and large, but her neck is tiny and narrow. She can’t pull off those necklaces of hers.
– Lily

I have a pronounced underbite. Girls think it’s cute. It goes with my pug nose. I’m still able to crush the crimp onto the wire, though, but I can’t get my jaw and teeth to re-round them.
– Lily

Oooh! Some of my hair got sewn into one of Warren’s works.

I hope he doesn’t notice.
– Lily

Got myself tangled up here in black Nymo thread.
Around my paws a few times, and my tail, and it feels like it’s cutting up into my butt. I’ve been chewing at it for hours now.

Thank God it’s the Nymo on the bobbin and not on the spool. I’d never be able to chew through that.
– Lily

I sat through another Orientation class of Warren’s.

Rosie, one of the last store dogs, went to every class and soaked in all the material.

I can’t help it if she mastered tubular peyote after two years. That damn step up.

In a bead store, “adorable” just gets you so far.

Mastering the step up — now that will get you put on a doggy pedestal for life.- -Lily

I can’t believe Warren got even smaller treats.

I expect everyone to give me a treat every day, or at least, ever time they come in.

That means, Marje and Richard and Nola and Linda and Nancy and Tiffany and Connie and Vera and Cecilia and Bonnie and Ethel and Mary and Andrea and The Postman and The UPS Man and The FedEx Man and Beverly and Kathleen (even though she doesn’t like dogs) and Susan and Susie and Dagmar and Terry and Sandy and Warren and Jayden.

Richard put a green self-stick label on me, so I could wear the green like everyone else.

At least, I think that’s why he did it.

Ronnie brought Becky today and Jayden left Daisy at the store.


Becky is too big to play with. Daisy gets all the attention, and she doesn’t even like to bead.

2/24— later
Becky found Daisy’s bone and hid it.

Daisy found it. And hid it somewhere else.

Becky found it. [“It’s there, you big dog,” I said.] Then hid it.

Daisy found it again, and took it somewhere else.

Fun to watch, but they’re both slobbering over all the beads on the floor.

Stepped on another needle today.

I guess Size #10 needles ARE bigger than Size #12’s.
– Lily

Dastardly Daisy Doodle came to work again today. I don’t know why she doesn’t stay home. She doesn’t like to bead.

Today, as usual, Daisy slipped her rubber bone with the wheel on it into Vera’s larger than life, at least larger than Daisy, canvas bag.

And in return, copped one of Vera’s peyote stitched pieces. I wonder how long it will take Vera to notice.

Geesh, they talked about Rosie again today.

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. Everyone loves Rosie.

I can’t help it if she could Square Stitch. After all, she had a much larger snout than I do.

It was much easier for her to thread the needle.

I snorted a bead today. It was an 11/0 Japanese Miyuki seed bead in turquoise luster.

I guess it’s true what they say about seed beads. They are not all exactly the same size. The 11/0 aqua transparent I snorted yesterday was much smaller.

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