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Finnish Jewelry Retrospective Exhibit

Posted by learntobead on April 28, 2010

All That Glitters: Finnish Jewelry
traveling exhibit now at the Fitchburg Art Museum, Massachusetts

Organized by the Helsinki Design Museum, this exhibition of Finnish jewelry from the 1930s to contemporary conceptual art pieces follows changes in the meanings and design of jewelry over the decades. The exhibition includes uncluttered Jewelry design from the 1950s by Elis Kauppi, Bertel Gardberg, Börje Rajalin and Paula Häiväoja, Björn Weckströms forceful Lapponia jewelry of the 1960s, and the most interesting achievements of the jewelry industry and designers from recent decades.

It gets frustrating going online, finding out about important jewelry exhibits, and trying to see images of what will be in these exhibits.      Museums and Galleries seem to operate on the hide-and-seek business model.    They hide any images of the pieces to be exhibited, hoping to entice you to come into the exhibit personally.

Alas and alack, this isn’t feasible for most people.    These Museums and Galleries need to evolve from the pre-internet, pre-globalization eras, and look at what Museums like the Smithsonian or the Hermitage or even the Vatican are doing, to make their collections and exhibits more accessible to the masses.      They might be surprised how providing images and information might have positive impacts on local attendance, regional and national recognition, and card, poster and gift sales.

So, here are some things I think you might see at this exhibit.

Eva Gylden, Cameo, 1929


Bjorn Weckstrom/Lapponia Jewelry, 1969


Reino Saastamoinen, late 1960s

One Response to “Finnish Jewelry Retrospective Exhibit”

  1. K Heffernan said

    You are absolutely right about some museums not wanting to show their collections online. Here in the UK Museums are being turned into themeparks,a place to go in down time for bored families and classes of school children. Whilst I am all for visits from all backgrounds under supervision the decibel level has risen to such alarming levels that the interested adult can no longer concentrate on the art objects, witness Kelvingrove,the Burrell and NMS. Resources are being channelled into creches and dressing up rather than getting the information out to the masses.

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